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Paraglide Greeneville

Get ready to conquer the Georgia skies when you Paraglide Greeneville!

To get your Paragliding Level One Certificate (P1), you must complete 3-5 days of instruction in the Greeneville area. You will undertake several instructional tandem flights with a USHGA-certified pilot and receive intensive ground school practical experience and lectures. Afterwards, you will take an initial radio-assisted solo flight.

To earn your Paragliding Level Two Certificate (P2, Novice) you must successfully complete Level One first. The training process includes comprehensive ground training on suitable flight weather, reserve parachutes, equipment, risk management, etc. Once you complete Level Two and purchase your equipment, you are free to fly solo at any Novice-rated site in Georgia!

Congratulations, you're now ready to catch the Georgia winds on an exciting Paraglide Greeneville adventure!

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