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What is a paraglider?

A paraglider is a foot-launched, ram-air, aerofoil canopy, designed to be flown and landed with no other energy requirements than the wind, gravity, and the pilot's muscle power.

Is a paraglider the same thing as a parachute?

A Paraglider is similar to a modern skydiving canopy, but different in several important ways. You must launch the paraglider by foot, so there is no drogue chute or slider, and it's generally much lighter, as it doesn't have to withstand the sudden shock of opening at high velocities. The paraglider usually has more cells and thinner risers than a parachute.

What is the difference between a hang glider and a paraglider?

A hang glider has a rigid frame maintaining the shape of the wing, with the pilot usually flying in a prone position. The Paraglider canopy shape is maintained only by air pressure and the pilot is able to "sit" while flying. The hang glider has a cleaner aerodynamic profile and generally is capable of flying at much higher speeds than a Paraglider.

So why should I go on a Tennessee paraglide adventure instead of hang gliding?

For sheer convenience! Your paraglider will fold up and fit comfortably inside a large knapsack for easy carrying to the paragliding site in Tennessee. Conversely, a hang glider needs a vehicle with a roof-rack for transportation to and from the flying site, as well as time to set-up and strip-down. It's also somewhat easier to learn to fly a paraglider for all the excitement you can stand in the Greeneville area.

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